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Program Rules

Brief rules of the Sphere client loyalty programme


1. Introduction

Sphere is the largest loyalty program in the Czech and Slovak Republics since 1994. Currently there are more than 10,000 ways for Cardholder/Member to use Benefits, Discounts and Points for their purchases at the Programme Partners.

2. Concepts

„The program“ othe general name of a loyalty program, Sphere or Carte.

“Sphere” is a loyalty program that allows its users to earn benefits (discounts, points) for their purchases at Sphere Partners.

„Sphere plus“ is part of the Sphere loyalty program, which allows its Members to earn Points for their purchases from the Program Partners.

„Card“ – is a loyalty card, plastic or payment or electronic (E-card) in a mobile application, containing identification elements for the Programme, issued by the Operator or a Business Partner (also as a licence), personified in the name of the Cardholder.

“Promo code” – is a unique code that can be used to activate the Card and Loyalty Account after entering it in the application.

“Card identification elements” – Program logo, expiration date in the form of month/year (12/2099), unique barcode (EAN13), Holder’s first and last name (technologically personified or written in block letters), and a link to the program’s client support).

“Cardholder” is a natural person with a valid Programme card personified in his/her name.

“Promo code holder” is an individual with a valid Promo Code.

“Program Member” is generally a member of the program “Sphere” or”Carte”.

“Sphere Program Member” is a Sphere Cardholder who has a loyalty account and an activated card.

“Partner” is a contractual entity of the Programme (legal entity or natural person – entrepreneur) where Cardholders can obtain benefits (discounts, points).

“Loyalty Account” is generally a loyalty account “Sphere” or “Carte”.

“Sphere Loyalty Account” – is a Sphere Member’s account with basic information and an overview of Points.

“Card Activation” – the process of registering the Card on the website/application – by entering the Promo Code or by copying the numerical value of the EAN code from the plastic Card.

“The advantage” is the added value provided by the Partner to the Cardholder/Member in the form of Discounts and/or Points, etc.

“Discount” is a form of Advantage which the Cardholder claims from the Partner for the purchase made (by reducing the sale price in the amount of the presented Advantage).

“Point” is a form of Benefit (as a billable unit) that accrues to a Program Member for a purchase transaction at a Benefits Partner in the form of Points.

“Purchase transactions” – is the completed business transaction including VAT between the Cardholder and the Partner. (A purchase transaction in the Partner’s e-shop with a click through from to the Partner Catalogue is a completed commercial transaction between the Cardholder and the Partner, excluding VAT).

“Sphere Programme website” – for the Czech Republic or for Slovakia.

“Reward Catalogue” is an electronic form of offering rewards on the Website to Members of the Programs that can be earned in exchange for earning Loyalty Account Points.

“Voucher”” – The Sphere Member collects a reward for Points in the Rewards Catalogue, based on which he/she receives a voucher and redeems it with the Partner, the Operator.

“Loyalty programme system” – is a set of technological and operational information, rules and measures, software, license rights, technical means and human resources necessary for the operation and maintenance of the Program, its functionality and reliability, data transmission and fulfillment of the contractual terms of the participating entities in the Program, processing all data and transactions of the Sphere a Carte Loyalty Program.

3. Participation in the Program

Any natural person over 15 years of age can become a cardholder.

4. Creating a Loyalty Account

It is created by activating the plastic card on the Website or App by entering the EAN code of the Card and subsequent registration of the Cardholder.

In the case of an electronic Card, a loyalty account is created by entering a promo code on the Programme website or app, entering the Card promo code and then registering.

5. Use of Sphere Benefits

Partners may provide Benefits in various forms

  • Discounts – direct discount on goods or services in a brick-and-mortar store
  • Sdiscounts – direct discount on goods or services in the e-shop
  • Points – from the purchase of goods or services in a brick-and-mortar establishment
  • Points – from the purchase of goods or services in the e-shop
  • Combination of Benefits at brick-and-mortar stores and e-shops

Always present your plastic or electronic Card before making a purchase at a Partner’s store or when booking a service with a Partner. The benefit is granted only to the person who is the Cardholder.

The Partner is entitled to require the Cardholder, if it is a payment card with Programme identification, to make a Purchase Transaction with this Card.

Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts and promotions (including lunch menus, last and first minute tours, stay packages, etc.). Tobacco products and prescription drug refills are not covered as a standard. The exception to this is if the addition of discounts and promotions is exclusively allowed for a particular Partner.

After activation of the Loyalty Account, the Programme Cards allow Cardholders to enjoy all the Benefits provided by the Partners for the entire validity period of the Card. In particular, it allows them to earn Points for their purchases and to draw rewards for the accumulated Points, receive news, special promotions and discounts, participate in competitions, etc. Activation of the Loyalty Account/Card is done at or in the mobile application, by filling in the activation form and ticking the consent to the terms and conditions.

The information that the ‘Member of the Program enters to create a Loyalty Account is protected under the current GDPR legislation. It is possible to have multiple activated Cards within one Loyalty Account.

6. Earning Points in Sphere plus and using them

Points are earned by the Cardholder by purchasing from Partners who provide Benefits in the form of Points – a specific list of these is available at Activation of the Card and Loyalty Account is required to load and use Points, from which the Member can redeem Points for Rewards in the Rewards Catalogue, check their Points transactions and use other services.

The acquisition of Points is conditional on a specific purchase process, which may vary from Partner to Partner – by entering the Card number (EAN), by clicking through from the website, or by presenting the Card at the Partner’s premises. In the case of selected online Partners providing benefits in the form of Points, the credit is made only after the expiry of the period set by the Partner. The Points that the Member has credited at that time for such transaction are listed in the account tab as unprocessed transactions and are for informational purposes only.

For example, below is the timeline for adding Booking Points:
– 1.1. order, after the order is placed, the Points are recorded in the Transactions section for processing
– on 1.7. accommodation
– on 1.10. points are credited to the Loyalty Account

The number of Points earned per purchase varies from Partner to Partner, according to specific terms and conditions.

Points are quoted in values , but can be by purchase volume, commodity, products, etc.

If the Cardholder has not activated the Card at the time of earning Points, he/she has the option to activate the Card within 60 days. The relevant number of Points will then be credited.

It is also possible to earn Points in competitions and events, the exact conditions are always listed for the specific event at

Receipt of the reward is subject to the Member having sufficient Points in their account. The purchase in the Rewards Catalogue will deduct an adequate amount, according to the price of the reward.

Points are valid for 24 months from the calendar year in which they are earned.

Unused Points may be donated by the Member to the Foundation of their choice (as selected by Sphere) or forfeited to the Operator/Partner event where they were earned.

7. Vouchers and their application

The reward is usually made by a Voucher which the Member redeems with the Partner/Provider. Each Voucher includes its value, acceptance code, validity and the name of the Partner from whom the Voucher can be redeemed. Offers in the Rewards Catalogue may be limited in time.

8. Expiry, loss, damage or theft of the card

After the Card expires, the Loyalty Account is open for 12 months. A new Card must be activated before this time.

Any misuse, loss or theft of the Card registered in the Member’s Loyalty Account must be reported immediately to the Operator via the contact form in the Member’s account or to Customer Support, e-mail: with a request to block the Card from misuse.

A Programme Member can request a new Card from the Partner with whom he/she received the original Card or from the Operator for a fee (issuance, postage 150 CZK) or receive an electronic Card free of charge.

9. Claims - failure to provide a benefit

In the event that the Benefit has not been granted and the Cardholder has fulfilled the conditions for its granting, it is necessary to resolve the claim with the Partner’s staff at the time of purchase. In the event that a Benefit has not been provided and the Cardholder has met the conditions for the Benefit, it is then possible to claim such transaction at Sphere’s customer service. In order to process the claim, it is necessary to have a confirmation of the transaction (receipt, invoice, etc.), an indication of the time and place of the transaction, or other details.

10. Termination of the Program Member's participation

Members may terminate their participation in the Program at any time by submitting a termination request from their Loyalty Account using the contact form. It is recommended that you use up your Loyalty Account Points before submitting a termination request, otherwise the Points Account will be reset after the request is made. Termination of a Member’s participation in the Program is possible by the Operator due to violation of the Program Rules in the form of withdrawal – termination immediately. The Operator may terminate the Program with a minimum settlement period of 6 months.

11. Final provisions

The information that the Member enters to create a Loyalty Account is protected under the applicable GDPR legislation. These rules are in addition to the General Loyalty Program Rules. These Rules are governed by the applicable law of the Czech Republic.