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How to activate your card

Activating your card allows you to take full advantage of the Sphere loyalty programme. See how to do it.

Electronic card

The card in the mobile fully replaces the classic plastic Sphere card. Learn how to use it.

Mobile application

With the Sphere mobile app, you'll always have your card and partner catalogue at your fingertips. See how to install it.

Browser Benefits Watchdog

The Watchdog alerts you to Sphere benefits as you surf the web, so you won't miss any. How to install it?

How to use the partner catalogue

The partner catalogue makes it easy to find benefits by type, location or industry. See how to navigate the catalogue.

Types of benefits

The Sphere loyalty programme offers two main types of benefits: discounts and loyalty points, or a combination of both.

How to get benefits in brick-and-mortar shops

With the Sphere loyalty card, you can shop at thousands of brick-and-mortar branches across the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

How to get benefits in e-shops

In the Sphere program you will find more than 800 online shops from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Find out how to take advantage online.

Sphere plus points programme

Collect points for shopping and turn them into tempting rewards. Learn how the points programme works.

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