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Which swimsuit suits you best? It depends on the character type…

Summer is inescapably approaching, so it's high time to buy a new swimsuit, in which you will be the star of the beach and the swimming pool. If you are looking for a model that fits you perfectly, highlights your strengths, and on the contrary hides minor imperfections, it is first of all important to know your body type.

Triangle type

Triangle type How it looks? Narrower petite shoulders and wider hips. Which swimsuit suits you best? Reach for models that mask imperfections and draw attention to your strengths. Swimsuits with a prominent upper part and, conversely, an inconspicuous bottom are ideal. Don't be afraid of models with ties behind the neck either.

Type apple

How it looks? Narrow shoulders, a wider waist, a more pronounced tummy and bottom. Which swimsuit suits you best? Tankinis and one-piece classic or one-piece cut-out swimsuits are a great choice for women with an apple-shaped figure. If you want to cover up imperfections in the tummy area, go for slimming models.


How it looks? Equally wide shoulders and hips, a narrow waist and an "S" body line. Which swimsuit suits you best? Swimwear with bold patterns, don't be afraid of strapless models either. A bikini with a triangle or bardot bra will also flatter your figure.

Inverted triangle

How it looks? Broad shoulders and hips as narrow as the waist. Which swimsuit suits you best? With this body type, you can't go wrong with a swimsuit with a colorful bottom. Don't be afraid of pleating, layering and frills either.

Athletic figure

How it looks? A symmetrical figure, the hips are the same width as the shoulders and an inconspicuous waist. Which swimsuit suits you best? To add more curves to your figure, reach for briefs with side ties and a reinforced top. Don't be afraid of cut-out bikinis either.

Expectant mother

How it looks? Mom with a growing belly. What swimwear suits your body type? Of course, maternity swimwear is made to be as comfortable as possible. As a rule, they have unreinforced cups, so the underwire does not irritate sensitive breasts. If some models do have bones, they are extremely flexible. All maternity swimwear leave room for a growing belly.

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