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Replenish energy and increase your results

Spring weather is slowly and surely approaching, so you need to dust off the bike from the basement and the running shoes from the shoebox. But sports equipment is not everything.

"The most important thing is our human engine, which needs to be properly cared for and given quality nutrition."

What the body loses through sweat must be quickly and efficiently regained, including minerals, salt and sugars. 

  • The main fluid losses occur through sweating.
  • Loss of even 1% of body weight through sweating results in a decrease in performance.
  • At a loss of 2%, a decrease in performance of about 20% is reported.
  • The blood thickens, the heart has to start “pounding” more and training is much more difficult.
  • Blood also flows more slowly, the transport of energy to the muscles slows down and fatigue increases.
  • The body starts to defend itself by sweating less. This will increase the body temperature.
  • There will be physical and mental fatigue and exhaustion, muscle cramps, nausea, headaches

Ithe ideal solution is an ionic drink. And who else to turn to than Isostar, the world pioneer in this field and the most well-known and trusted brand.

Isostar is known all over the world for its quality and also thanks to its connection with hockey – a partner of the Czech hockey team.
For Isostar, there are no compromises in quality, which is proven by its new comprehensive BIO product line with an emphasis on as much natural composition as possible. The products contain sea salt, vitamin C from acerola, cane sugar and all ingredients come from EU organic farming. The packaging is fully recyclable with minimal plastic.
The reward for long-term quality is also the appreciation of consumers and the defense of victory in the prestigious poll Most trusted brand in the category of functional drinks.
You can learn more about nutrition in the online counseling at

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